Expenses Update Feb 2018


Eating Out: $240.50 

Drinks: $9.30 

Transport: $34 

Gym: $5.35 

School Notes: $3.50 

Others: $52.85

Dental: $ 107 


Eating Out: 397.95 

Drinks: $80.20 

Groceries: $26 

Transport: $97 

Others: $160 

Driving: 440.35 

Added a new section "Others" for consolidation of money spent on others.

Its the month with the least day in the year again! BF was able to cut down expenses by almost 300 dollars this month!! This was partly due to the CNY festive period where he didn't need to spend much on food (Thank you aunties and mum for the delicious food :p)
Entertainment cost was zero for this month as we opted to stay indoors to watch drama. 
Bringing water bottle to school really helps to cut down on the frequency of buying bottled drinks. 

GF expenses increased this month as most of her meals were eaten outside (OT + tuition). Drinks for this month were at a high because of the daily indulgence of teh bing + milo bing. 

Our food costs were kept to a level where its reasonable as most of our me…

Portfolio Update February 2018

"Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful" - Warren Buffett 

During this month, we seen DOW dropped by ~1000 points and being investors with a long term horizon it presents us with a good chance to accumulate stocks at a slightly discounted price. 

1. Indexing Portfolio 

USD - SGD Rate: 1.32 

This portfolio is inspired by Andrew Hallem who advocates on having low cost index funds. Will keep investing monthly in this for long term and see how it turns out. 

2. Individual Portfolio 

Took advantage of the minor correction during this month to activate my warchest and bought into the above stocks. With the entry price low enough to give me a minimum yield of 5%, no reason not to nibble a little. 

Reminder to self: Not to time the market, the low can get lower and no one can predict. 


Expenses Update Jan 2018

BF  Eating Out: $443.87  Drinks: $ 12.40 Groceries: $27.50 Transport: $56  Entertainment: $39.50  Shopping: $5.40
Notes: $7.29 Miscellaneous: $50  Neighbours Birthday
Dental: $107 Braces  Total: $750.96

GF Eating Out: $239.90 Drinks: $41.15  Groceries: $21.10 Transport: $93  Socialising: $183.70  Entertainment: $5.80  Miscellaneous: $17  Medical: $29.40 Driving: $285 Total: 916.05
Recording our expenses down so that we have a better understanding of where exactly our money is spent on. 
Saving is important but not at the expense of being deprived and feeling unhappy, now that is foolish.

How I started investing in stocks + Short Term Goal

It was 2013. When I was fresh out of JC and entered NS. One of the benefit of NS was not needing to spend much as most of the time would be spend in camp. This led to me being able to accumulate quite a small sum of cash.

Having learnt Economics, this sum of money sitting idling in the bank would not win inflation. Began researching online and realised that we should invest in stocks. This was just the beginning of my investing journey. As I researched more I became more aware of the various stocks / investment / insurance instruments to the consumers. Being a young 18 year old I was definitely confused by the variety of ways to invest! The last thing I wanted to do was to invest my allowance into some stocks and end up with nothing in the end.

It was one fine day when I came about a rather thin book (compared to the other financial books available); Millionaire Teacher. It mentions about being a millionaire on a teacher salary, the author focuses on investing in low cost index funds.…

Welcome to CupcakedCrusader Blog!

This is the very first post on the CupcakedCrusader Blog of the many series that is to come. 

The aim of this blog is to serve as a platform for us to charter our financial goals and progress. We will be talking about our daily lives; investments, insurance, low cost dates, travels and others! 

We hope to be able to start off on the right track early since we are still in our early 20s and share whatever tips that help our money grow. 

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago" - Warren Buffett. Til then save well and enjoy!  

PS: Get to know our goals and us more under the About Me tab. 

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